CANDEREL, a low calorie sweetener, has a great taste based on a unique and well-balanced combination of its ingredients. Aspartame and acesulfame potassium are the main ingredients of CANDEREL sweetener tablets and granules. These sweeteners are approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar, but they contain much lower calories.


Product range

In Latvia CANDEREL is available in tablets and granules. Tablets are packed in dispensers by 100 and 300 each. These dispensers can be later on filled in by tablets from CANDEREL-Refill package that contains five separate packages of 100 tablets per each.


CANDEREL granules are resistant to heat and are suitable for various cooking. CANDEREL granules are available in 90 g jars. Later CANDEREL jar may be filled in with granules by using CANDEREL-Refill 90 g granules pack

Since 2004 in the Latvian market there is also available CANDEREL chocolate powder in 250 g package containing 50% less calories than regular chocolate drinks with sugar. CANDEREL chocolate powder contains aspartame. It is lactose and gluten free, suitable for diabetics, weight watchers and all others.

In short about components


The story of CANDEREL started in 1965 when Dr James Schlatter, a researcher at Searle Laboratories, discovered aspartame. While Dr Schlatter was working on association of amino acids, he accidentally touched a finger to his lips and found it had a pleasant taste of sugar.

Sugary value of this association was so strong that the doctor realised that these two amino acids could replace sugar perfectly well. Great discoveries are sometimes a stroke of luck! Aspartame is an intense sweetener that comprises two combined amino acids (aspartic acid and phenylalanine), which are treated in exactly the same way as if they had come from meat, milk or vegetables. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins. Aspartame is used as a sweetener for food and beverages.


Aspartame is one of the most-tested food additives. More than 200 scientific studies are done on the sweetener, thus supporting its safety and reliability.

These studies were confirmed by official certification institutions in Norway, Sweden and more than 100 other countries, where use of sweeteners in beverages and semiproducts were tested.

Acesulfame potassium is a white, odorless powder that prior to its approval has been tested in more than 70 countries by all food sector regulators, including the British Food Standards Agency.


Other added ingredients help CANDEREL to be highly concentrated sweeteners, and make it easier to dissolve, as well as improve the taste of food and drinks. All components are registered as food additives, which means they can be safely added to foods and beverages.

European Union Scientific Committee on Food has set a recommended daily intake (ADI) in relation to body weight. ADI for aspartame was set at 40 mg/kg/day and for acesulfame-K was set at 9 mg/kg/day. An adult weighing 60 kg can safely consume up to 95 tablets of CANDEREL per day!


Remember 10 benefits of CANDEREL:

1. Sweet and tasty as sugar.

2. Leaves a sugary taste in your mouth without any after taste.

3. Be sure to mix it in the cup as you do with sugar (not so chemical as other sweeteners that solve by themselves).

4. Does not contain saccharin – no sickly-sweet after taste.

5. CANDEREL small dispenser easily fits into your handbag, ideal for travelling.

6. CANDEREL granules can be successfully used for baking cakes at very high temperatures, up to 200°C for 20-30 minutes.

7. CANDEREL is very soluble in cold water - pour it to your lemonade or ice tea.

8. Can be added when freezing berries.

9. CANDEREL is absolutely safe for teeth – it does not cause tooth decay.

10. Remember: 1 teaspoon of regular sugar – 16 calories, 1 teaspoon CANDEREL – 2 kcal!


Life is delicious with CANDEREL!


CANDEREL is available in all the best Latvian pharmacies and supermarkets. Additional information can be found in company's website